By: Naz Rinn Chan

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Proofing for 5 mins after kneading..
Rolling the dough
Donut cutting
Donuts at proofing
Close up...
Plain donuts ready..
Safe some for frozen..
Sugar coated donuts

A big round of applause to rinnchan...
I finally did a first timer it is a real triumph. For those who have been dealing with donuts..arrgghhh..maybe it`s nothing, but I tell you...nothing is more worthwhile than having desired result turned out to be real...
Eversince I saw those donuts at mamazieza`s FP..sth was pushing me hard from the it rinn..just do it...and here`s the result. Credits to mamazieza..although the original recipe was actually from Chef Li...I must convey my heartiest gratitude to both of you for the amazing recipe. Though the ingredients look somehow a lot..but nothing compares to the end result !!!
Even the kidz claimed ..they were just like those at bakeries and be specific, dunkin donuts..
Anyway...first time looking at the ingredients...whoa..whoa...1500gm of flour..wait a I going to make donuts for sale or what..???.On top that I have to manually knead the dough..ho ho ho....Okey..okey..don`t get panicked..
I recalculated the amount of ingredients so that I used only 1000gm of flour..i.e. 1kg..It is still a big amount I guess..and I made 32 regular size donuts out of that.

So this is the recalculation :

Makes : 32 pieces
1 kg multipurpose flour
22gm mauripan instant yeast ( exactly 2 packets of 11gm each)
50gm margarine
80gm castor sugar
1 egg
30gm milk powder
10gm salt ( I used 1 1/2 teaspn)
10gm bread softener (I used 2 teaspn bread improver)
90gm shortenings
5gm baking powder (I used 1 teaspn)
500gm water (room temperature)
3/4 tablespn ovalette

1. In a large bowl mix all dry ingredients and ovalette. Mix well.
2. Add in egg and water. Continue kneading.
3. Add in shortenings and margarine. Knead well or until all ingredients well incorporated.
4. Take out dough and let it rest for 5 minutes. Punch out gas.
5. Roll flat for 1cm ~1.5cm thick and cut using donut cutter.
6. Place donuts on tray which has been spreaded with a little flour.
7. Leave to proof until doubled the size.
8. Deep fry over medium heat. Leave to cool.
9. Coat with castor sugar or garnish as desired.

The following is the original recipe copied from mamazieza`s FP...Halalkan ye mama...
DONAT -- Resipi Asal Chef Li

1500 gm tepung gandum
32.5 gm yis segera
70 - 80 gm majerin
120 gm gula
1 1/2 biji telur (75 gm berat)
45 gm susu tepung
15 gm garam
15 gm voltex (bread softener)
140 gm shortening
7.5 gm baking poder
750 gm air
1 sudu makan ovalette

Cara membuat
Masukkan semua bahan kering dan ovalette dan gaul rata.
Masukkan telu dan air dan kacau sebati
Masukkan shortening dan majerin
Gaul (uli) hingga sebati
Keluarkan doh dan rehatkan 5 minit
Canaikan setebal 1- 1.5 cm dan potong ngan pemotong donat
Letak doh atas taburan tepung
Biarkan doh naik dua kali ganda
Gorengkan dan sejukkan kan
salutkan ngan gula kastor

Donat ni lebih lembut dan lebih gebu daripada donat biasa kerana telah ditambah dengan pelbagai bahan
Kelembutan tahan hingga keesokkannya.
Tempoh pemeraman mesti mengikut masa yang diberi untuk menjami mutu
Goreng ngan api sederhana supaya masak sempurna

Mendingin bekukan donat
Goreng sehingga masak putih kekuningan.
sebelum bungkus.. bekukan donat supaya bentuk asalnya kekal.


Ooopppss....There`s a lil` secret actually..while busy enjoying ownself making donuts..being unawared I have left out one of the ingredients...milk powder... I noticed nothing affected the outcomes though..I don`t know, if somebody can tell what difference shall it make with or without milk powder in the dough...never mind then.

To mamazieza...After this the makcik who sells kueh and donuts by the roadside near my taman perumahan will lose one of her customers who once in a while drop by to buy donuts... Taste wise..what more do you expect from home-made donuts, thanx a thrillion.....

To mamafami..thanx for the advice I asked you about the white choc stripes on the donuts..I guess it turned out juuusssst puuuurrrrfect...

Purrrrrr..Purrrrrrr......for you

This is TARO, acik Alya`s one month old kitten......

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