By: Naz Rinn Chan

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Ready to fry the next morning..
Croissants at proof
Croissants ready
Karipap pusing...



3 medium size sweet potatoes
3 shallots
3 garlics
A handful of dried shrimp
3 tblespn curry powder
curry leaves
Salt to taste

1. Cut sweet potatoes into small dices.
2. Soak the dried shrimps for a while and pound.
3. Chop the shallots and garlics.
4. With little cooking oil fry the shallots and garlics till withered, add in curry leaves and the pounded dried shrimps, saute. Then put in curry powder. Saute, then put in the sweet potatoe.
5. Stir well and pour in some water to soften the sweet potatoes.
6. Bring to boil, stir from time to time until softened. Leave to cool.

Dough 1
3 cups wheat flour
1/2 cup cooking oil
1 teaspn salt
Water to knead

Dough 2
1 1/2 cups wheat flour
1 cup margarine


1. Knead the dough in two seperate bowls.
2. For Dough 1, divide into 8 balls about a size of a tennis ball.
3. For Dough 2, divide into 8 smaller balls.
4. Using a rolling pin, flatten one dough from 1 and fill one dough from 2 into it. Repeat until all 8 balls are done.
5. Take one dough and roll flat , then roll like making a swiss roll.
6. Repeat process 4 & 5 till all are done.
7. Take one rolled pastry and cut into 1cm thick.
8. Roll flat and put the filling in the middle. Fold over and pleat the edge of pastry.
9. Fry until pastry turns golden brown.


250gm ready made pastry margarine
2 cups high protein flour
1/2 cup self raising flour
1 tspn salt
1 tblspn sugar
1 tspn instant yeast
1 cup warm milk
1 egg

1. Combine both flour and salt. Sift.
2. Combine milk, sugar and yeast.
3. Make a well in the centre of flour, pour wet ingredients and egg. Stir them into flour.
( Add additional flour or water as necessary)
4. Knead the dough for 5 mins. Put in a large bowl, cover with a wet towel and leave to proof for 1 hour preferably at warm place.
5. Take out dough and punch gas out. Knead a bit and divide into two. Divide pastry margarine into two as well.
6. Take one dough and roll flat.
7. Flatten one pastry margarine to cover 2/3 of the dough. Fold over the uncovered 1/3 dough into the middle.
Then fold over the opposite side into the middle too. You`ll get a 3 layered dough.
8. Roll pastry lengthwise to get the size of the earlier dough.
9. Fold again but this time bring both shorter sides into the middle to form a 4 layered pastry.
10. Roll flat and cut into 4 triangles.
11. Take one triangle and fold from the wider edge bringing to the narrower end to form a crescent shape.
12. Repeat the same steps and leave the croissants to proof for 1/2 hour.
13. Egg wash and bake in pre-heated oven at 200 deg Cel for 20 mins or till golden brown.

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